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Emergency Food Boxes for Children in Need

In response to the significant increase in demand due to COVID-19, the WRF is helping Feeding Wisconsin and its network of statewide food banks raise money for emergency food boxes to be distributed to those in need.

Wisconsin food banks and pantries are experiencing unprecedented increased demand; two to four times the need for their services. With food-insecure children out of school for the remainder of the school year, more pressure is placed on families to budget and provide breakfast and lunch for their children every day. A recent survey from Hunger Free America found over the last month, 37% of parents nationwide cut the size of meals or skipped meals for their children because there is not enough money for food.

The WRF is dedicated to helping children who struggle with hunger, and we are asking for your financial donation to help Wisconsin’s children in need by donating to help raise money for these emergency food boxes.

Each 10-pound box contains:

  • Protein items (e.g. peanut butter, canned meat/tuna, beans)
  • Canned fruits and vegetables
  • Carbohydrate items (e.g. pasta, rice, instant mashed potatoes, mac & cheese)
  • Ready-to-eat meals (e.g. canned soup, canned pasta)
  • Additional items may include cereal, pancake/muffin mix, pasta sauce and snacks

Today, you can make a REAL difference by helping those in need during COVID-19.

Follow this link for more information and to donate now!