Wisconsin Realtor Foundations You Give, We Match 2020

We’re halfway through December and approaching the end of 2020. We’ve made great strides toward our goal of $40,000 to provide 120,000 meals for Wisconsin children in need.

As of today, we’ve raised $5,972, which puts us $34,028 away from our goal.

With our Feeding Wisconsin partnership, our donations are making a statewide difference in the lives of Wisconsin children who are less fortunate. Your $1 donation can provide 3 meals to those in need.

Remember, the WRF is matching up to $20,000 total through the end of the year so we can make as much impact as possible on our community. For every dollar you donate, we will provide 6 meals to a needy family.

You can make a REAL difference, especially during these trying times, to give a Wisconsin family one less thing to worry about.

With 2021 approaching quickly, can we count on you to help support the WRF’s efforts and help those in need as winter sets in?

Your contribution today feeds a Wisconsin child tomorrow.

The Wisconsin REALTORS® Foundation


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