Hello everyone! Apologies in the delay of getting this email out. Yesterday was quite busy, and I was waiting on some content confirmation as well.

Be sure to check out what is new on our website, including minutes from the May meetings, and the new payment options! The password is always included in the Monday Updates or is available by calling the board office.

Welcome New Members!

Brock Deering - Century 21 Aspire Group
Malia Prange - Action Realty

We recently received 2 new applications for membership! If anyone has any objections to either of these potential members joining the MCBR, please email Membership Committee Chair, Judy Stuebs at judy.stuebs18@gmail.com.


Clear Cooperation & One Business Day Reminder!!

Starting yesterday, we will be enforcing Clear Cooperation as well as having listings be put into the MLS within ONE BUSINESS DAY of taking the contract. If you have any questions about either of these, please speak to your Broker, or send me an email.

Non-Metro Solds

At yesterday’s MCBR Board of Director’s meeting there was a discussion about inputting SOLD’s from Non-Metro listings. Metro was contacted to clarify how this is to be done. The following guidelines should be followed:

1. Enter the property as a new listing. Do not need to put in “For comp purposes only”.
2. Enter photos.
3. Put in SOLD information.
4. UPLOAD BUYER AGENCY AGREEMENT OR CLOSING STATEMENT to prove you were part of the sale.
5. Put in Private remarks that listing agent, (name), is Non-MLS and that agent’s contact information in case someone needs additional information about the property.
6. Let Katelyn know that the listing agent is Non-MLS so she can make the change from you as listing agent to Non-MLS.

If WIREX listing agent belongs to both MLS’s he/she can fill in info for both listing & sale.


MLS Address Reminder

I've been having to correct a lot of addresses in the MLS again lately. It doesn't take me long to do, but I want to remind everyone that there is a proper way to enter addresses in the MLS. You can see the correct abbreviations on Page 2 of the MLS Policy & Procedure Manual. Click on the link below to refresh your memory!

MLS Policy & Procedures

Members In Motion

There were no Members in Motion reported to the Board office in the last week.


Katelyn's Corner

On Saturday Ben was cutting the grass, and almost ran over this fledgling under our pine trees! The craziest thing was that it started hopping after him every time he would make a pass! I figured it was a fledgling and that it's parents were close by, but after I went to stack wood on the wood pile and it hopped after me too, I messaged Wildlife of Wisconsin (a local npo rescue group who I've dealt with a LOT over the years), just to make sure the behavior was normal. They asked me a few questions and had me look for a few indicators on the bird, and we decided that it should be okay. I went back out a few hours later and it was gone. Good luck baby bird!

Dumb Joke of the Day

I have to admit, I laughed a little too much at this one! It's SUPER corny, I know! Hope it puts a smile on your face too!


What's Up In The Office

I hope that everyone had a great weekend! Ours was full of work around the Funny Farm, but that's nothing new!

Last week was busy with various projects. We are preparing to have another New Realtor Orientation in July, so I spent some time fine tuning the outline and power point based off feedback from the Orientation we held in May. I appreciate all of those Members who will again be helping me out with this orientation. I really like what we have going here!!

I also spent a fair amount of time creating a spreadsheet to better track who uses the Masterlock lock boxes. Believe it or not, I was passed down nothing that actually tracked who was using them, so it took a bunch of emails and digging up old invoices to make sure my new spreadsheet was correct. With that now being done, I should be able to get the 3rd quarter billing done this week.

The MLS Board meeting was last week Thursday, so preparing, participating, and typing up the minutes from that takes a few hours out of my days.

We are getting closer to me having regular daycare and being back in the office full time! This week my in office hours are:
Tuesday: Later afternoon (roughly 2-5pm)
Wednesday: 7:30am - 2:30pm
Thursday: 6:30am - 3:30pm
On Friday I will be taking a day of vacation. We are hosting a small graduation party for my step-son on Saturday, and while we are keeping it low key, I still have plenty to do on Friday to get ready for it! I will keep my eyes on my emails, and will check the MLS that day, but I will most likely not respond to phone calls until Monday.

I hope you all have a great, productive, and fun week!