Weekly Updates

Only a few more days left, and 2020 is officially over! I'm not one to believe that everything will change once the clock strikes 12:01am on 1/1/21, but I'm looking forward to the "new year, new start" feeling!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas last week! I know I enjoyed a few days of doing absolutely nothing. If you follow me on FB, you know that it is rare that I rest up, so this was kind of big for me! LOL

Again this week there isn't too much to share, but please do read on! And if you visit our website, remember, the password is always available on the email version of this update or by calling the board office.


Professional Standards Training

Please consider joining us for Professional Standards Training on January 26th. The training will run virtually from 9:30am to 3:30pm.

What does being trained in Professional Standards mean? It means that if an ethics complaint gets filed with our Board, you would be one of the individuals who would serve on a grievance committee or hearing panel. Trained members also may be used by the Sheboygan Board if they do not have enough people to form a panel of their own.

I want to be trained!

Please RSVP by clicking the link above

Learn More About Core Standards

Watch for the Check Mark!

In 2021, watch for this green check mark on different articles, events, and information I post. This green check mark verifies that this task will check off a box on our Core Standards worksheet! Please take the extra effort to participate, when asked, when you see a green check! I will also work to educate members more on the Core Standards!

FAQ: What is Core Standards again?

Core Standards is a list of 64+ things that each and every Association must do each year to comply with NAR requirements. If not done, an Association's charter is at stake! It's very important!


Save The Date!

2021 Realtor In Government Day

Photo from Realtor in Gov't Day 2020- Pre pandemic!

The WRA is still hosting Realtor in Government Day in 2021, however, this time it will be virtual! Participants get to meet with lawmakers and talk about issues facing the real estate industry. If you would like to attend, please email me!

When: April 14th, 2021
Time: 1:00-3:30pm

Sign Me Up!


Katelyn's Corner

My office hours this week:
Monday-Wednesday: 7am to 3pm
Thursday, Friday: OFF


What's Up In The Office

There isn't too much to report from the office from last week, as I was only in on Monday. Dues payments are almost all in, so that has slowed down, however now MLS payments are coming in, so I am still doing regular deposits.
I've been learning and working through processes for ethics/grievances with our new Professional Standards Committee Chair, Barry Nelson. It's been very interesting and I've absorbed so much!
I'm also working to get some ducks in a row so that I can help the committees hit the ground running right after the first of the year. I hope that together we can accomplish a lot in 2021!