Volume 15| April 14, 2020

Monday Update

Happy Tuesday all! I hope everyone had a good Easter on Sunday. While we couldn't be with extended family like normal, we were still able to do an egg hunt outside and enjoy a nice dinner together.

I apologize for this Update being a day late, but with everything I had going on yesterday, this was just not happening! Sometimes, that's going to happen! Here are this week's updates:
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Statement from the MLS Board of Directors

I have fielded some questions from several people about MCBR MLS's stance on open houses, showings, and virtual tours during COVID-19. Metro expressed that each Association must decide what they will do. Here is what was decided by the MLS Board:

In regards to open houses and showings: each company must decide if they will allow open houses and showings. Please talk with your Broker if you have questions.

In regards to virtual tours: virtual tours are allowed but they can not be branded.


Member Connect Recording

On Thursday, April 2nd we held a Member Connect - Updates on Local Business Changes Due to COVID-19 via GoToMeeting. Thank you to all those who were able to join in, ask questions, and give answers! I hope that everyone who listened in found it beneficial!

I know that some were experiencing audio problems, or were not able to log on due to time conflicts, so I recorded it. You can listen to the audio by clicking the link below!

I am hoping to host another one of these at the start of May, as things are changing every day. If you would like to get in on that one, watch for the notice in a Monday Update near the end of the month!

Listen to the Audio


Metro Quick Search Challenge!

Are you ready for the Full Search Sunset in November? Metro MLS has a great way for you to be ready by participating in the Quick Search Challenge! A new challenge will be available every week that will get you moving in the right direction. By completing the challenge, you will be entered into a weekly drawing for a $30 Amazon Gift Card! Watch for your Flex Tips to receive this weeks challenge!

February Home Sales Report from the WRA
Click the link below to check out the February home sales report from the WRA!

View February Report


Katelyn's Corner

If you are starting to get to know me a little better, which I hope you all are, you might know that I LOVE growing food! I'm antsy this year thanks to COVID, so I have a ton of my seeds started already. This photo is just some of them. I absolutely CAN NOT wait for the weather to warm up and planting season to begin. When that time comes, know that I will probably never be answering emails or phone calls after 4pm, as my evenings will be spent tending my garden and canning the food we grow. Another reason that I love to garden is because I love to share the food with close family and friends, who always reciprocate in some fashion. My dad will help in the garden, my mom will bake for us, my sister will share venison, etc. Have to love the good old trade/barter system!!


What's Up In The Office

Lots going on as usual! There is definitely no slow down in the RE world!

Last week Thursday was the MLS Board meeting, and yesterday was the MCBR Board meeting. Both meetings were several hours long, but both were very productive. A lot of work and "Action Items" come out of those meetings, so along with typing the minutes, I'm working on tasks assigned to me and tracking tasks assigned to others, etc.

When I can, I have been reading/studying for the Self Assessments that will get me the 50 points toward my RCE (Real Estate Certified Executive) designation. There are over 300 pages to read and 28 tests to take for the Self Assessment. Like I said last week, I am learning SO MUCH, and really feel that this will help me to be a better AE for all of you!

The Nomination Committee is working hard preparing for the May elections. I'm sure you received contact from one of them over the past week. Thank you to everyone who is running! Watch for more information on the May elections from the Nominating Committee and myself very soon!

A few weeks ago I sent out sheets to the Brokers/DR's to update who is all in their office, so that I can double check those against the rosters and make sure I have everything correct. A fair number have not yet been returned to me, so Brokers/DR's, please make sure to send those back in ASAP!!

I hope everyone has a great week. Stay safe and healthy my friends!!