Weekly Update – Volume 61, February 22, 2021

Weekly Update

February 22, 2021

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was busy and seemed to fly by way too fast!

I have a lot of info packed into this update for you, but it's all good stuff, so please read on! And if you need to access anything on the private side of the website, remember, the password is available in the email version of the Weekly Update or by calling the Board Office.


March Membership Meeting

Join us in March for the next Membership Meeting!

Where: Moore's Irish Pub
When: March 18th, 2021 (Day after St. Patty's day!)
Time: 5:00pm - Social Hour
6:30pm - Meeting
Cost: $20 per person (billed to the company after the event)

More details soon!!!

You may attend virtually as well, for no charge. Email Katelyn to be put on the list to receive the link!

RSVP to Katelyn


Do you want to get involved in the community but don't know how? Email Katelyn for ideas!

If you volunteer between now and next month's membership meetings, please track your time and submit it next month! You will be entered to win a $25 gift card and get Facebook publicity!
Last' Month's Volunteers
Between the January and February Membership Meetings, 2 members submitted volunteer hours as part of the Good Neighbors Volunteer Program! Those members were Peggy Kadow and Chad Hoerth.

Peggy sewed masks that she donated to the Reedsville school kindergarten class, and Chad helped run the Music is the Cure charity event! Let's give them both a virtual round of applause!

Both of their entries were put into a bowl, and a name was drawn randomly to win a $25 gift card to a local business.

Chad Hoerth was the February winner!


Avoiding Implicit Bias

We all have implicit biases, or unconscious attitudes and stereotypes. We are human and it happens. BUT, we can work to recognize and correct the implicit biases that we have. Check out a WRA video, attached, that talks about overriding those biases in relation to Fair Housing!

Watch The WRA Video


Focus On Energy Ambassador Program

The following information was recently shared with me by Peggy Kadow, who felt it was great information. I agreed, and we decided to share it here with all of you!

We want to start by thanking you for your continued partnership through a challenging year. Together, we have helped thousands of Wisconsin homebuyers get more out of their new homes. In 2020 alone, Focus on Energy Ambassadors:

• Educated over 2,600 new homeowners on how to save energy and stay comfortable in their homes.
• Put $316,000 worth of heating and cooling equipment tune-ups into the hands of new homeowners.
• Helped hundreds of homeowners take advantage of additional incentives from Focus on Energy.

That is an achievement to be proud of, bringing comfort and energy savings to your clients. Learn more about your impact with our new Ambassador Dashboards, coming March 2021.

What’s different in 2021?
Here’s what you need to know about Focus on Energy’s 2021 offerings:

• The pick-up and recycling of old refrigerators and freezers has been discontinued.
• We are rolling out a new, online only, incentive application for Ambassador clients to claim their $125 tune-up voucher. View the application at focusonenergy.com/tune-up.
• New DIY attic insulation and air sealing incentives available for homeowners.
• The air conditioner incentive has been discontinued.
• The incentives for insulation and air sealing incentives will be dropping slightly, starting on April 1, 2021. Please visit focusonenergy.com/home for more details.

How does your client claim their $125 tune-up voucher?

1. You submit the homebuyer’s information. Please be sure to use the closing date or approximate move-in date, whichever comes later.
2. Focus on Energy sends the homebuyer their welcome kit four to six weeks after the closing or move-in date, whichever was provided on submission, see the quick links below for more details.
3. Homebuyer schedules a tune-up on their equipment and pays for the service.
4. Homebuyer submits their receipt to Focus on Energy using the new, easy-to-use online application.
5. Homebuyer receives an incentive check in the mail from Focus on Energy.

Quick links:

• Catch up on welcome kit enrollments – it only takes a minute.
• Take advantage of marketing resources, including our 2021 welcome kit mailing schedule.
• Brush up on Focus on Energy offerings by attending a free virtual workshop—we offer them twice weekly for newly enrolled Ambassadors or anyone who would like a quick refresher of what Focus on Energy has to offer their clients.

Upcoming WRA Education: Green Designation

Increase your sustainability knowledge, and add a designation to your title by attending NAR's Green course, being hosted by the WRA. Register before February 25th to get a $10 course discount! Click on the link below for more details!

Learn More/Register for the Green Designation Course


Mayoral Forum: City of Manitowoc Race

The Chamber of Manitowoc County will be hosting a virtual Mayoral Candidate Forum on March 1st from 12pm to 1pm. The two candidates are incumbent Mayor Justin Nickels, and Chris Able.

I encourage all members to register via the link below. Even if you don't live in the City of Manitowoc, I'm sure you sell homes in the city, and this is very important!

Register for the Forum


Katelyn's Corner

My In Office Hours This Week:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 7:45a - 4:00p (sometimes leave early to go to bank)

Tuesday: 7:45a - 4:00p - Will be gone from 10:45 to about 2pm - meeting with 2 other state AE's

What's Up In The Office!

Last week Wednesday I hosted the first quarter New Realtor Orientation, and we had our biggest group yet! 11 new Realtors! I sincerely appreciate the help of all the members who help out at those Orientations! The info we provide to our new members is so valuable!

Last week we also had the MCBR Board of Directors meeting and the February Membership meeting. Thank you to all the members who attended the membership meeting either in person or virtually! There were several new faces, and I love to see that!! Also thank you to those who participated in the RPAC fundraisers! We raised $506 in one night toward our RPAC goal!

This week is a catch up week for me. Lots to work on after the busy last few weeks!

Have a wonderful week everyone!!