Weekly Update – Volume 58 February 1, 2021


Weekly Update

Happy first day of February! I hope everyone is healthy, happy, and doing well! Did you have a good weekend? My weekend was a bit adventurous, as we added 3 little piggies to the Funny Farm! It's going to be hard not to get attached to them! (They are going to be feeders.)
Have a great week!


February Membership Meeting


The February Membership Meeting will be held at Manitowoc's newest downtown restaurant, BRIX!

When: February 18th, 2021
Cocktail hour - 5:00-6:30pm
Dinner - 6:30pm
Speaker - 7:00pm
Where: BRIX (Old Studio 8/Rock N Blues Haus on 8th and Washington)
Speaker: Greg Buckley, Two Rivers City Manager
Cost: $20 per person

If you would like to attend virtually, please let me know when RSVP'ing.

RSVP to Katelyn


Revised WB-13 and WB-15 Forms

Mandatory Use Date: TODAY

The Real Estate Examining Board made changes to the WB-13 Vacant Land OTP and WB-15 Commercial OTP. The mandatory use date for the forms is TODAY! The WRA has sent out communications about these changes, but if you missed them, click on the link below to read more.

More Information


Realtor In Government Day 2021

This year, Realtor in Government day is VIRTUAL! This means that you don't have to take a 2 hour ride to Madison and spend a whole day there to participate!

Please consider joining hundreds of fellow Realtors from around the state to talk to law makers about topics that matter to the Real Estate industry. I know of one topic so far: broadband access.

If you would like to participate, please click the Register link below to sign up with the WRA. Please then also send me an email to let me know you have signed up.

1:00-1:15pm - Welcome
1:15-1:35pm - Keynote Speaker - Gov Tony Evers
1:35-2:15pm - Issues Briefing
2:15-2:20pm - Break
2:20-2:55pm - Legislator Breakouts
2:55-3:00pm - Closing

Save the Date: March 14th!!

Register With The WRA



Code of Ethics & Facebook

Did you know that you can violate the Code of Ethics if you improperly put a listing on Facebook (or any social media)?

According to Code of Ethics Article 12, Standard of Practice 12-5: Realtors® shall not advertise nor permit any person employed by or affiliated with them to advertise real estate services or listed property in any medium (e.g., electronically, print, radio, television, etc.) without disclosing the name of that Realtor®’s firm in a reasonable and readily apparent manner either in the advertisement or in electronic advertising via a link to a display with all required disclosures.

I've run across a lot of posts on different Facebook sites lately of people who are not disclosing the name of their firm or that they are even a licensed Realtor. This isn't only happening with our members, but with members of other Boards who are posting on local sites as well. I've contacted several people about it, but wanted to put an educational piece out as well.

Below is an example of a post that was done properly. (Thank you Chad for letting me use it as an example.) You don't have to use this exact format, but it does show the agents name, what company he is with, and even includes the MLS number as an extra step! (Plus I like to use visuals as educational tools, lol)

If you have questions about posts, please feel free to contact me and ask!


Katelyn's Corner

My In Office Hours This Week:
Monday - Friday: 7:30a-4:00pm
On Wedensday I'll be out of the office from 12:15-1:15pm.
Please always call before stopping in to ensure I'm available!


What's Up In The Office

This coming week is finally not so insane! While I still have a whole list of to do, I have less Zoom meetings and in person meetings, which will mean I can get more of those items checked off!

A huge thank you to all those who participated in the Professional Standards training last week! I know it was a long day, but it will be so helpful to the organization to have a number of people trained!

Don't forget to be tracking any volunteer hours you put in! Also remember to send pictures of you volunteering to me, so I can share them on Facebook and show the community why Realtors are Good Neighbors!

I hope everyone has a fantastic week!