Volume 51| December 15, 2020


Weekly Updates

Hello and happy week before Christmas! Are you ready for Christmas? I am not, I am behind! Hoping to catch up this weekend!

Don't forget to check out our website if you want to see the most recent approved Board meeting minutes. As always, the password is available in the email version of the Weekly Update or by calling the board office..

I don't have too much for you this week, but read on for the few things we do have!


Thursday's Membership Meeting

The Virtual December membership meeting will be held this Thursday! If you forgot to RSVP, feel free to stop in the office to let me know you want to attend, get the link, and grab a bingo card! It will be lots of fun!!


Professional Standards Training


On January 26th, 2021 we will be co-hosting Professional Standards training with the Sheboygan County Board. This training will be held virtually, and will be all day. If you would like to be trained in Professional Standards, (help out with ethics complaints, etc.) please contact me to RSVP! We need a range of people from all of the different offices to participate!

RSVP To Katelyn


7 Streams of Lead Gen Success

We received access to a webinar called 7 Streams of Lead Gen Success, and we put it on the website right away! The value of this webinar is $30.00 through NAR. Please check it out and take advantage of the free training!

Watch the Webinar


Katelyn's Corner

What's Up In The Office

Things continue to be busy busy! This week especially! Monday we had the MCBR Board meeting, Tuesday I played catch up on a bunch of things while also prepping for the rest of the week, today we have New Realtor Orientation from 9am to 3pm (why I didn't answer calls or emails) and on Thursday we have the membership meeting. After the membership meeting is done, I will be in Professional Standards Admin training until 5pm or so, so again I won't be answering the phone or emails that day as well. Friday I plan to take a half day, and will only be in the office until 11/11:30a.

Next week I will be taking vacation on Tuesday and Wednesday, then have off for Christmas on Thursday and Friday. I will only be in the office on Monday 12/21/20. If you need anything from me before the holiday, please try to catch me Monday!