Volume 45 | November 2, 2020


Weekly Update

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! I hosted a little party at our house for my sister's family and my parents, the only people we are really socializing with during the pandemic. We did trick-or-treating for the kids between the different buildings on our property, painted pumpkins, bobbed for apples, and more! It was sooo much fun! None of us even minded having to do Halloween differently!

Visit the website below to find forms, minutes, etc. If a password is needed, it is always available by calling the board office or is included in the weekly email.


License Renewal Info

Tracy Rutka from the WRA shared a video with all AE's about how to renew your license! I figured it might help to share it with all of you as well! Don't forget to renew your license!

Watch The Video


Team Up Against Hunger Drive

I hope everyone saw the email that went out yesterday about the Food Drive Competition we are going to be doing with the Sheboygan County Board of Realtors! I'm so excited and happy that both Boards agreed to have this friendly competition for such a good cause!

*This is a competition between our members and Sheboygan County Board of Realtor members. At this time, we are not asking for public donations due to COVID.

Contactless donation drop off will be available here at the office the week of November 16th.

Email Katelyn Questions


Incorrect Delayed Form

I've been noticing a number of people using the incorrect form for Delayed Listings. The correct form is the one that states a property can be delayed for 15 days. The incorrect one says 21 days. I'm guessing this incorrect form is in Zipforms. Please use the correct form, which can be found on our website, or by clicking the link below.

Correct Delayed Listing Form


Getting to Know Your Leadership Team -

1. Number of Years in Real Estate: 24 years
2. Favorite book/genre/author: Atlas Shrugged/Ayn Rand
3. Favorite food & beverage: venison burgers & craft beer
4. Favorite social media platform: local taverns
5. Pet peeve: Financial literacy in the U.S.
6. Favorite season: Deer hunting season
7. Favorite animal/pet: whitetail or mule deer
8. Favorite TV show at the moment: I watch very little TV, maybe AM news/weather
9. Something on your bucket list: Western state archery elk hunt
10. Little known/surprising fact about you: During my almost 6 year stint in the US Army (79-84) I held a top-secret Nato-Atomal security clearance, and served as part of a two-man control team that would receive & decode nuclear release messages for the live warhead Pershing missile systems stationed in West Germany from 1980-82, where I met my wife of 39 years, who also held the same security clearance and was a controller of the authentication systems.


Katelyn's Corner

My In-Office Hours This Week:
Monday 7:45a-4:00p
Tuesday 7:45a-3:30p
Wednesday 10:00a-4:00p
Thursday 7:45a-4:00p
Friday 7:45a-3:00p

What's Up In The Office

Last week held much of the same for me. Dues collections and processing, working on MLS things, working with leadership on projects we have going, etc.

This week starts some of the NAR Conference webinars, (I watched 2 today already!) so if I miss a call from you or don't answer right away, know that I will call you back!

Just a few reminders: Please remember to pay your dues! If you pay your dues after Nov. 30th, there will be a $25 late fee, and if you don't pay by Dec. 31st, you will no longer be a member. If you are missing CE classes, please take them so that you are able to renew your license. Also, renew your license, lol!