Volume 43 l October 27th, 2020


Monday Update

Holy moly, yesterday went by so fast! I was busy all day and the time just flew by. Hence why this is coming today instead of yesterday.
Are you feeling excited about Halloween coming up? I am! We are having a fun little party at my house for my son and nephews, and I can't wait! I love planning things and haven't gotten to for the longest time!

Read on for this week's updates!


How To Take CE Online Via the WRA

For those of you who need to take your CE yet before the biennium is over, you can take it on the WRA's website, at the link below. I sent lists of who has done what for CE to each Broker last week, so if you aren't sure what you need to complete, please check with them.

Find CE Info Here


Thank You To Par 5!

I'd like to take a moment to thank all of those who were able to come out to CE last week, as well as Par 5 Resort for going above and beyond to make sure our agents stayed safe during the classes! If anyone has feedback from the event, please feel free to share it with me!

Email Katelyn


Media Gallery Change in MLS

In case you didn't see the email from Metro the other day, FlexMLS has rolled out a new media gallery. Virtual tours/videos will now be right in the filmstrip of photos, after the primary photo.

Remember to make sure that your videos are not branded!


Another Metro Reminder!

Please, please, PLEASE make sure you are entering addresses correctly when you are putting properties into the MLS. Things were going really well for a while, but lately I've had to spend a lot of time fixing addresses. I was also sent a stern reminder about ensuring agents are entering correct addresses from MetroMLS. To view the correct way to enter addresses, please click on the link below.

Address Formatting


Getting to Know Your Leadership Team - Shelley Vogel

1. Number of Years in Real Estate: 11 years
2. Favorite book/genre/author: The Good Earth
3. Favorite food & beverage: Taco plate, Moscow mule
4. Favorite social media platform: Sad, but Facebook!
5. Pet peeve: Liars, not driving the speed limit
6. Favorite season: Fall
7. Favorite animal/pet: Dolphins, our dog Chance
8. Favorite TV show at the moment: 90 Day Fiance - Something stupid to take my mind off things!
9. Something on your bucket list: Go to Ireland, drive the Oscar Meyer mobile!
10. Little known/surprising fact about you: I would prefer to stay home then go out! Had 2 knee replacements at age 52.


Katelyn's Corner

My Hours This Week:
I should be in the office every day from 7:30am to 3:30pm. The only exceptions would be if I leave early to pick up my son, or do a bank run.
Remember, I step out of the office most days sometime between 11 and 12:30 for lunch, so I'm not available then.


What's Up In The Office

There is so much stuff going on! Dues time, CE wrap up, new agents joining, projects, etc.! It's good to be busy, however!

Myself and the Sheboygan AE are working on a fun competition between our two Boards which we are both excited about! Watch for an email on the 1st about this!

The Board also approved several strategic goals that we will be working on over the next year, which I am pleased with as well! These goals will be fun and important to fulfill!

We had our first meeting with the new Board members on the 12th, and are now working on things like setting up committee chairs, etc. so that we can get get to work on the goals mentioned above.

Have a fantastic week everyone!