Volume 42 | October 19th, 2020


Monday Update (on a Tuesday)

Sorry this is a day late!

Hello and HAPPY MONDAY! I hope your weekend was everything you hoped it would be! Mine was fairly productive. We finally got my giant (super heavy!) handmade compost bin from our house in town out to the farm and I'm super excited. (I'm weird and LOVE composting.) I also made 2 batches of butternut squash soup from the squash I harvested. If I estimated right, I'll get about 30 quarts of soup from the 1 squash plant I had!!

Read on for this week's updates!


Meeting Update

As of right now, we will be again putting membership meetings on hold.

What kinds of things do you as members need right now? What can MCBR do to support you? Let me know!
I would love to hear your thoughts.

Email Katelyn



The new Rules & Regulations and Policy & Procedure for the MLS goes into effect TODAY! Please make sure you have read the email that I sent out about the changes last week. The documents are also posted on the website. If you have questions, please consult your broker. If your broker does not sit on the MLS or MCBR Board, then you may call me with questions.


2021 Dues

Another reminder: don't forget to pay your dues before November 30th, or there will be a $25 late fee. Any agent not paid by December 31st will be dropped from membership, and will have to pay the $175 new member fees for both WRA and MCBR to be reinstated.
Dues checks can be mailed in or dropped of in the Association's mailbox. (We share with the Homebuilders.)


Getting to Know Your Leadership Team - Judy Stuebs

1.  Number of Years in Real Estate: 46

2.  Favorite book/genre/author: biographies, romance, Karen Kingsbury

3.  Favorite food & beverage: sweets & wine

4.  Favorite social media platform: Facebook Messenger to talk to my pen pal of over 60 years.

5.  Pet peeve: People being late

6.  Favorite season: Fall

7.  Favorite animal/pet: -

8.  Favorite TV show at the moment: Transplant

9.  Something on your bucket list: Traveling more

10.  Little known/surprising fact about you: Was called the blond bomber


Katelyn's Corner

My Hours This Week:
Monday: 7:45a-10:00a
Tuesday - Friday: 7:45a-4:00p

I typically take my lunch break out of the office, so if you stop/call mid day, I may not answer right away.


What's Up In The Office

Last week had a lot going on, including the MCBR Board meeting, the work that came out of that meeting, prep for this week's CE class, a webinar through NAR, dues deposits, etc.

This week will be much of the same, as I continue to work on different projects, have some fiscal year end work to do for the accountant, will continue to process dues, and have CE class all day tomorrow.

Speaking of CE, since I will be in attendance for the classes tomorrow, I may not answer the phone right away if you call. I will make every effort to call back however.