Volume 40 | October 5th, 2020


Monday Update

Hello and Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a nice weekend, despite the weather. I know my Saturday plans got derailed, but we were still able to get some inside work done. I like the Fall season too, but holy moly it got cold fast! I want a little bit higher temps so the things in my garden can finish ripening!


New Member Alert

The following person has applied for membership with MCBR. If anyone has objections to this person joining, please email Membership Chair, Judy Stuebs at judy.stuebs18@gmail.com.
Thank you!

Crystal Knox



WRA Direct Giver Program

Click on the link above to learn more about the WRA's Direct Giver Program!

Importance of RPAC
Last week, Tom Larsen from the WRA sent out an email to the WRA membership entitled "If it's a Defect, then call it a Defect". The work that the WRA/NAR has done on topics like this, as well as including real estate as a "necessity" during the COVID shut down, goes to show how important donating to RPAC is. If funds weren't raised for them to do this type of work, the Real Estate profession would most likely be much more difficult. Please consider donating to RPAC at some point in the year to help MCBR meet the goal the WRA sets for us!


Members on the Move

Ed Prigge announced his retirement to the MCBR Board on September 29th! Congrats on your retirement Ed!

Mike Grossman has joined Keller Williams - Manitowoc.

Helen Girard from Century 21 has left real estate.


Katelyn's Corner

My Hours This Week:
Monday: Scattered
Tuesday-Thursday: 7:45a-4:00pm
Friday: 7:45a-3:00pm

I am working from home today, but not as accessible. Eli got sick again, but now his doctor thinks he's battling allergies. Hopefully these new meds work, and he misses less school/I miss less work!


What's Up In The Office

Last week Wednesday ended our fiscal year 19-20, so I was busy with things that come at the end/beginning of a fiscal year. There were also bank reconciliations and making the MLS Board packet that also always come at the start of the month.

On Friday I started processing all the dues that have been coming in the mail! Last year I came in the middle of dues time, and while I was trained well, there was still some confusion on things. This time I am starting at the beginning, so I have a much more at -ease feel about it! I've also created a secondary tracking system, because I don't find the WRA's system as user friendly.

I've already started doing some work on things for 2021. I am really excited about this next year for our membership, and hope that despite Covid, we are able to accomplish the things we have planned!

Have a great week, and as always, please reach out if there is anything you need from me!