Volume 39 | September 28th, 2020


Monday Update

Hello and happy Monday! I hope everyone's day is getting off to a great start! I am in the office today with a green tinted face! I let my son paint my face with Halloween paints last night, and for some reason the green paint doesn't want to come off! I've tried a ton of suggestions, and it's still there! Sooo....I'll be hiding in my office until I no longer look like I'm in the beginning stages of turning into the HULK....


Free Book Download

Because I promoted safety events to the membership during Realtor Safety Month, I was granted a free download from NAR of the book: Safety Rules to Live By For Realtors. The book can be found on our website under the Realtor Safety section, or at the link below. Please feel free to download it for yourself!
If you are asked for a password, it can be found in the Monday Updates Email or by calling the Board office.

Book Download


Welcome New Member

The following person has applied for membership with MCBR. If anyone has objections to this person joining, please email Membership Chair, Judy Stuebs at judy.stuebs18@gmail.com.
Thank you!

Muhammad Javeed


October Membership Meeting

The details for the October Membership meeting are:

Place: The Fat Seagull (upper level)
Date: Thursday, October 15th, 2020
Time: 5:30pm drinks, 6:00 meal
Topic: Committees & Involvement
*More details available soon.

RSVP To Katelyn


Continuing Education

Remember that Continuing Education Classes 5 & 6 will be happening on October 20th at Par 5 Resort (formerly Fox Hills). We will be following COVID guidelines with seating, masks, sanitizer, etc. to ensure everyone feels safe! Please RSVP to Katelyn today!

NOTE: There will no longer be a costume contest at CE. Please bring a business card to drop for a prize drawing.



License Renewal Reminder!

This is a friendly reminder that this is a license renewal year. The renewal deadline is December 14th. Watch for license renewals in the mail from the state!


Katelyn's Corner

Office Hours This Week:
Monday: 7:45a - 3:45pm
Tuesday: 7:45a - 4:00pm
Wednesday: 7:45a - 3:00pm
Thursday: 7:45am - 4:00pm
Friday: 7:45a - 3:45pm


What's Up In The Office

Last week Thursday the Board of Directors and I got together to create a new Strategic Plan. Lots of ideas were shared, and we came out of the session with 4 really good, member focused goals. They will be finalized soon and then I will share them with you!

Along with that, I've been working on things like typing up meeting minutes, invoicing and doing deposits, and getting things transferred over/worked on for the new Board.

If anyone ever has any questions about what's going on in the office, want to see financials from Board meetings, hear rumors and want them cleared up, etc please feel free to ask! I am happy to talk to any member at any time!