Volume 38 | September 21, 2020


Monday Update

Happy Monday! I hope everyone was able to get out and enjoy the decent weather this weekend! I spent almost the whole day outside on Saturday! Sunday however was dedicated to the bushel of pears that was in my kitchen. They are all now canned nicely in jars! Gardening and canning...man, you'd swear I was a 90 year old lady! LOL

CE 5 & 6 + Costume Contest!!

Don't forget to register for Continuing Education 5 & 6, happening on October 20th!
RSVP to Katelyn if you plan to attend!
Safety measures are being taken.

Let's have some FUN! Show up in a Halloween costume and participate in the costume contest! Winners will receive a prize, and publicity on the public FB page!

Par 5 is donating a prize for the winner too!!


New Members Inducted

At Thursday's Membership Meeting at Machuts, 4 Realtors were inducted into the membership! With Peggy Kadow, from left to right, are: Liysa Callsen (Action), Melia Prange (Action), Jerry Duvall (Weichert), and Heidi Lindman (Coldwell).
Welcome to all!


New Board Members Installed

Also at Thursday's Membership Meeting, new Board of Directors members were installed. Pictured with Peggy Kadow, from left to right, is Shelley Vogel (Director), Kris Remiker (Vice President), and Amy MacMillin (President). Also present via computer, but not pictured, was Bill Illgen (Secretary/Treasurer).


To The Outgoing Board Members

Many thanks go out to the outgoing Board Members Peggy Kadow, Caryn Gates, and Henry Grant! In my time here, I have seen you all go above and beyond, and put many, many hours into this Association. I can tell that you are all very passionate about the Real Estate profession and helping the Association be the best it can be! Despite COVID, I think a lot was accomplished that will pave the road for years to come! I've enjoyed working with you all! Thank you!!


RPAC Silent Auction

Thank you to all those who bid on baskets on the private Facebook page!! We were able to raise $330 from the raffle!!

If you aren't a member of the private Manitowoc County Board of Realtors Facebook page, search for us and request to join today! More fun stuff will be happening on there in the future!



The yearly dues billing went out from the WRA recently. This bill includes all of your local, state, and national dues for the year. (Except for MLS of course.) If you have not received your dues bill, you should be soon. Keep an eye out for it!

Please remember that we can not accept payments until October 1st, due to our fiscal year ending/beginning.

If you have questions, please let me know!!


Katelyn's Corner

What's Up In The Office

I feel like I say this a lot, but last week was busy! The week started with the MCBR Board of Directors meeting. A lot of great stuff comes out of those meetings. Then there was the WRA Convention, the membership meeting, and my regular office work!

Did anyone else participate in The Infinite Game seminar that was part of the WRA convention? I thought it was FANTASTIC! While I think I was already on the infinite mindset track, this really helped me take another look at how I view things. My favorite part was when he said "don't look at them as good and bad days, look at them as ahead and behind days."

This week I should be in the office from 7:45am to 4:00pm each day (3pm on Wednesday). I will be participating in a webinar at 1pm on Wednesday, and will be leading the Board of Directors in a strategic planning session on Thursday starting at 1pm, so I most likely won't answer the phone at those times.

Have a great week! Remember to SMilE, have fUn!, and be kind to others!!!

As always, please reach out to me if there is anything you need!