Monday Update

Hello and happy Monday! Man, these weeks are flying by so fast, I feel like I just sent one of these out!
There isn't too much to share this week, as right now I've just been in the midst of a lot of video sessions and training's from NAR. Remember, if there is anything you'd like to start seeing in the Monday Updates, please let me know! These are for YOUR benefit!


Wirex Feeds on the MLS

Several of you have notified me that the Wirex feed issue into MLS does not appear to be fixed yet. I have an email out to Metro asking for the status on things, and will let you know when I know more!


Commercial Real Estate Legislation Introduced

In an email I received last week, it shared a link about some commercial real estate legislation that was introduced. Click the link below to read the article!

Read the Article


MLS Tip Of The Week

If you are doing a delayed listing, please make sure to use our form from the MCBR website! The Metro form allows for 21 days at delayed status, and we only allow for 15. I don't want anyone to make a mistake and delay it too long or get a sanction!

Find the Form Here


Members in Motion


There were no Members in Motion reported to the Board office in the last week.


Katelyn's Corner

My In Office Hours This Week:
Monday: Until 3:00pm
Tuesday: 7:00 - 3:00pm
Wednesday: 7:45 - 3:00pm*
Thursday: 7:45 - 4:00pm
Friday: 7:45 - 3:00pm

*I may work until 4pm Wed if Eli decides he wants Nana to pick him up after the first day of school.

What's Up In The Office

Last week I participated in NAR's Leadership 400 class. It ran for hours on Wednesday and Thursday of last week. I have to admit, it wasn't my favorite NAR event. The presenter did not feel comfortable with Zoom, and made it a bit hard to follow along. I did take a lot of notes however, and hope to review the presentation materials if they are shared.

This week I am participating in NAR's Leadership Summit. This runs today, tomorrow, and Wednesday from 10am to 1pm. Today's session was really good, and I have several pages of notes. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's presentation.

Other than that I am just keeping up with regular office work, generating ideas for 2021, and starting to prepare for the new Board to take over in October. (Reviewing the strategic plan, planning a meeting with new leadership, figuring out Board orientation, etc.)

Have a great week everyone!

Last week we decided the cabbage in Eli's garden was finally ready to pick. He insisted I take a picture and send it to Nana, Grampie, and his cousins, and also insisted Titan be in the picture. In classic Titan style, he had to be silly!

(Ignore the gross carpet and door in the photo. Once all the outside gardening work is done, we plan to remodel the old farmhouse kitchen. I can't wait!! Who puts carpet in a kitchen anyway?? )