Weekly Update – Volume 29, July 20, 2020

Volume 29 | July 20, 2020

Monday Update

Good morning and Happy Monday!! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!
As a reminder, there are no Board meetings this month, so there will not be updated minutes on the website. Still, refer to the website whenever you have questions or are looking for information! And if you feel like anything is missing from the site, let me know that too!


September Membership Meeting Update


I made a mistake in the last Monday Update. The September Membership Meeting will be held both in person at Machut's AND virtually.
If you plan to attend, please RSVP to me via the link below, and let me know which way you will be attending.
September 17th - Time TBD

Email Your RSVP


Learn Metro's MONSOON System

Learn how to navigate one of Metro MLS's new features, Monsoon! Join them for their webinar on July 22nd, 2020 from 10-11am!
I've registered, and hope you will too!

Register for Webinar

Masks Required

Starting today, if you visit the MCBR Office for any reason we ask that you please wear a mask.

If you do not have one, we will provide you with one.

Thank you for your cooperation!


New Members

We have 3 new people who have recently applied to become Members of MCBR! If you have any objections to any of these 3 people joining, please email a statement as to why to Judy Stuebs, Membership Chair, at judy.stuebs18@gmail.com.

Heidi Lindman - Coldwell Banker TREG
Taylor Phillips - Berkshire Hathaway
Brayden Broecker - Century 21 Aspire


MLS Tip of the Week

Last week I started watching MetroMLS's FlexMLS Webinars that they have posted on their website. I thought maybe I could learn a few things, as I still have a lot to absorb about the MLS. I was not wrong!

Entering address abbreviations correctly still seems to be an ongoing problem, as I find myself fixing them daily. I know they may not always be easy to remember, and you may not always have your MLS documents with you. BUT.... did you know that if you click the little red circle with the white question mark next to [Street Name] it will give you a pop up with all the correct abbreviations for addresses!

Please don't forget to use this handy little feature to ensure you are entering addresses correctly.

Remember: this is important not only to make it easier for fellow members to find your listings, but also to ensure that your property maps correctly.

Click here to visit MetroMLS's website and check out the training webinars yourself! 


Members in Motion

There were no Members in Motion reported to the Board office in the last week.


Knight Barry Hosting Pop Up Happy Hour

Member Bob Maloney with Knight Barry Title will be hosting a Pop Up Happy Hour on Wednesday, July 22nd at 5:00pm at Moore's Irish Pub!


Katelyn's Corner

My Office Hours This Week:
Monday: 7:15-12:45p
Tuesday: 10:00-3:00p
Wednesday: 7:30-3:30p
Thursday: 6:30-3:30p
Friday: 7:30-3:00p

I will be working from home for several hours as well when I'm not in the office. If you get an after hours email from me, I do not expect a response immediately. Also, if you email me or call me after normal business hours, I may not always answer/respond right away.


What's Up In The Office

Last week was much of the same daily tasks for me: checking the MLS, doing deposits, sending out invoice due reminders, etc. Friday was exciting however, as we did get our first payment via the website! That was fun to navigate! This feature will be really helpful to you members in the future who want to pay bills with credit cards!
Thank you so very much to Henry Grant for all the work he has put in to get that feature up and running!!

Last Wednesday NAR announced their New AE Orientation dates. They are doing it virtually this year, and will be held from 11am to 2pm on July 28th, 29th, and 30th. I will not be answering emails or phone calls during those times.

Also, August 6th and 7th I will be gone to Lake Geneva for the WRA Board of Directors meeting. Again, I will not be able to answer phone calls, and emails will not be returned right away.


One of our favorite things to do as a family is to go Frisbee golfing at Silver Creek Park. I don't play due to lack of arm strength, but I do enjoy watching Ben and Eli, and walking along with them. They both love the game, and both play well! (Just the distance of one of Ben's shots would take me at least 5 throws to equal!)
For being 5, Eli has an impressive arm, and a fairly straight shot! Friday night however, the course was a little tricky to navigate due to water and mud! Oh well, makes for some adventures!

What does your family like to do together?