Weekly Update Volume 28 July 14, 2020

Weekly Updates

Happy middle of July everyone! How is it already the middle of July? I really don't know where time is going! I hope everyone's week is going well!

Read on for this week's updates. If you'd like to visit our website, click on the link below. If it asks for a password, remember that it is in the email version of this Update or by calling the board office.


September Board of Directors Meeting
Where: Machut's Supper Club
When: September 17th, 2020
It will be a dinner meeting. (Chicken & ribs)

We will be hosting the September Membership meeting in person. If you feel comfortable, please consider joining us! The 2020-2021 Board of Directors will be inducted at this meeting.

Click the attached link to email me if you would like to attend!

RSVP to Katelyn


MLS Bill Reminder!

Brokers, Appraisers, & Inspectors: This is a reminder that MLS Dues & lockbox fees are due by July 17th! These bills were sent to the brokers/company owners on June 17th. There are a number of offices that have not turned in their payments yet! Please do so ASAP to prevent MLS access from being shut off!
Thank you!


Members in Motion

There were no Members in Motion reported to the MCBR Office within the last week.

Excluded Listing Reminder!

If you have an excluded listing, you must send a copy of the contract and the exclusion form to the Board office within 24 hours of the date of the contract!!

Please see page 8, the second paragraph from the bottom, in the MLS Policy & Procedure manual or talk to your Broker if you have questions.

For an Excluded Listing form, please visit our website.


CE 5 & 6

As I stated last week, CE 5 & 6 will be held on October 20th. I am not yet sure of the location. Please click the link below to RSVP & let me know if you would like to attend in person or online.

Thank you to all who took the poll last week about CE!

If you have any CE related questions, please reach out!

Register for CE 5 & 6


Lock Box Tip!

If you are having trouble getting the shackle off of a lock box, try turning it upside down and smacking the bottom of the box. Give it a second or two, and then try removing the shackle again. Sometimes the little ball on the inside that is supposed to release gets stuck from the pressure of hanging for a while.

Katelyn's Corner

Today's dumb joke gave me a good chuckle! Anyone else grow up watching Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?

My Hours This Week:

Tuesday: 7:15a-3:30p
Wednesday: 7:00/7:30a-3:00/3:30p
Thursday 6:30a-3:30p
Friday: 7:00-/7:30a-3:00/3:30p

Email is the fastest way to get a hold of me, but I will return calls as soon as I can! If you'd like to stop in the office, please contact me first to make sure I'm not running errands 🙂


What's Up In The Office

Last week Monday I met the new Sheboygan County AE. She is a really great person and jumping right into her role at SCBR! We started talking about ways that we could collaborate together on things we offer our members, and how else we can benefit each other. I'm excited for this relationship!

Last week Wednesday we held another New Realtor Orientation, and it went very well! We had 5 new Realtor's present, as well as 2 long time members who wanted to see what the Orientation was all about. I spent a good amount of time on Tuesday tweaking the fine points of the presentation, communicating with the speakers who came in to talk, and prepared the packets for the attendees. After the orientation I sent out a survey, and am getting really great feedback on that! Thank you to all those who attended, and all those who presented!

The last 7 days has been really frustrating in my world. My little guy has a bad stomach bug. After a trip to both the Urgent Care and the ER a few days apart (and missing some work) we finally know it's a bacterial infection and have meds to help him. Fingers crossed he's back to his old self in a few days! (Does anyone else ever feel like you need a medical degree to be a parent these days?! I sure do!)

But on the positive side, we got a cucumber trellis built this weekend! I love growing cucumbers, and like to can pickles! What is your favorite thing to grow??