Weekly Update – Volume 27 July 6, 2020

Volume 27 | July 6th, 2020

Monday Updates

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th of July! We had quite a nice fireworks show at our house thanks to our friend who works at a fireworks store. Our place was perfect for it because we have tons of space to social distance. Cleaning up after all the fireworks is never fun though!

As you can see, it's not Monday anymore. I had hoped to send this out last night, but was waiting on some info, so you get it today instead!

As always, click the link below to be taken to our website to see the most recent information! If you are asked for a password it is always posted on the email version of Monday Updates or is available upon request from the board office.


CE 5 & 6 Updates!!

The date for CE 5 & 6, the last 2 CE classes for this Biennium, is
Wednesday, October 20th, 2020.

I am still working with the WRA to determine how exactly we will host this class. I would however, like your feedback. Could you please take this 1 question survey below at let me know how many of you would prefer to attend in person, and how many would like to attend virtually. I am thinking we may offer both options, but still need to gauge about how many would be in person. Thank you!

Answer the Survey Question


Social Media Post Reminder!

According to the Code of Ethics Article 12, Standard of Practice 12-5:
"Realtors shall not advertise nor permit any person employed by or affiliated with them to advertise real estate services or listed properties in any medium (e.g., electronically, print, radio, television, etc.) without disclosing the name of that Realtors firm in a reasonable and readily apparent manner either in the advertisement or in electronic advertising via a link to a display with all require disclosures."

This means that you can not post a listing on social media without disclosing the name of the firm that you work for. If you do post without that info, you are violating the Code of Ethics. Please always make sure your posts include the correct information.


Members in Motion

Last week the Board office was notified of Bonnie Wagner, from Lakeshore Realtors, retirement. Congrats on your retirement Bonnie!

Abby Garcia has moved from Century 21 Aspire Group to Choice Commercial Real Estate as of July 1st.

Cate Bleser has moved from Coldwell Banker TREG to 1st Anderson Real Estate as of July 1st.

For Comp Purpose Listings

These few extra steps with help out other agents and our appraisers. Let's all work to ensure we are doing what we can to help others!
For those who enter "For Comp Purposes Only" listings, please remember the following:

• If the listing agent is not from our Board, please include their contact information in private remarks in case others have questions for them.
• Please contact me via email right away to have me change the listing agent to "Non-MLS" if the listing agent was from another Board.
• Keep room counts and finished below/above grade areas separate
• Try to include interior pictures. Ask the listing agent for permission to use theirs. Kitchens and baths are incredibly important
• If there are seller concessions, please include what they were in private remarks, and if they were added into the selling price.
• Include a list of upgrades and the years the upgrades were completed.
• Any time you put "other" on an MLS sheet, please define "other" in the private remarks.


COVID Resource Reminders


As we see new cases being added to Manitowoc County's count daily, I just wanted to send a reminder out to everyone about the COVID resources on both NAR's website, as well as ours. Make sure you are taking precautions to keep yourself safe and healthy!

NAR Covid Resources

MCBR Covid Resources


One Party Listing Reminder

Reminder: If you have a one party listing, you must send the contract to the Board office within 5 calendar days of the signing of that contract!

See MLS Rules & Regulations, Page 5, first paragraph.


Katelyn's Corner

Of course I had to make today's dumb joke about the warm weather we've been having! How do you like the heat/humidity? I am not a fan of the humidity, but the heat doesn't bother me much. I do best when not going in between AC and heat constantly. That's when I feel like a done turkey!

My Hours This Week:

Monday: 7:30a - 3:30p (out of the office 10:30 to 1 or so to meet AE in Sheboygan)

Tuesday: 7:30a - 3:30p

Wednesday: 8:00a - 4:00p (Realtor Orientation all day - won't answer phone/email until after)

Thursday: Work from home 7:00a - 12:00p
Work in office: 12:30p - 3:30p

Friday: 8:00a - 3:00p


What's Up In The Office

Last week I was able to be in the office most of the week. Along with doing things such as updating all the Members in Motion in the database, rosters, Masterlock, etc. I spent time putting more little tweaks on the New Realtor Orientation and sending out information to presenters and those who will be attending. I know I've said it before, but I really like what we have going here with this new Orientation format. I am very thankful to those Committee members and volunteers who have stepped up and agreed to present different portions of the content. It adds so much value to the day!

Yesterday I met with the new AE at the Sheboygan Board. I really like her and am looking forward to talking to her more! We are going to see what we can do to work together and help each other out in our new/fairly new positions. I'm excited to form this relationship and feel it may benefit both Boards.

Along that same line, I recently found out about an AE mentoring program offered through NAR. I was matched with a mentor named Laura from the Northwestern Wyoming Board of Realtors, and I'm excited about it! I've chatted with her a few times via email, and I think it will be very helpful to have her as a resource. They are a similar sized organization, and she has been in the business for many years. While I do have the state AEC to lean on when needed, I think having more people from various backgrounds will be helpful! I hope to learn as much as I can from a variety of people!

Regardless of how hard I've been trying to do everything perfectly, I can not get chicks to hatch in our incubator! So, on Saturday I bought some. We now have 8 little peeping additions on the Funny Farm. They are so darn small (especially the black one - who's quickly become a favorite) and we love holding and snuggling them.

If you had the ability to add any animal you wanted to your home, what would it be? Email me and let me know!
I would eventually love to own a horse, but I know they are expensive, and a lot of work!

Have a great week! Fill your days with smiles and laughter!