Hello and Happy Monday!! I hope all the members who are mom's had a great Mother's Day yesterday! Mine was nice. I got to do a bunch of things I love: make dandelion jelly, do an upcycled craft project, and got some chicks!!

Not to many updates this week, but the ones I have are still important.

Below is the link to our website. I know there was issues with the link not working last week, so I hope that is fixed now. Remember, if you would like to access the minutes or anything on the private side of the website, the password is available upon request or is in the Monday Updates

Video From US Bank

The linked video was submitted to me by our member at US Bank. It is a video that talks about what they would like Realtors to know during COVID-19. Please take the time to watch it!

Watch The Video

If you or your company would like to submit information to be included in a Monday Update, please email me!

New From NAR

Check out the new Cyber Liability Insurance member benefit from NAR! Click the link below to read more!

Cyber Link

Members In Motion

There were no Members in Motion this week.


Katelyn's Corner

On Sunday we purchased 6 older chicks from a lady, because I'm getting impatient waiting to see if ours will hatch. (I'm not sure how successful we will be this first time, as we were learning about turning them, keeping the humidity at a certain temp, etc.) Eli loves helping take care of the younger birds. 🙂


What's Up In The Office

Last week was another busy but productive week! I was in the office for 5 hours on Wednesday, and a good chunk of that time was spent with the accountant cleaning up things in Quickbooks now that the audit is done.

Last Wednesday there was an MLS Committee meeting, which was productive. They drafted language to be added to the MLS Rules and Regs that will go to the MLS Board for approval this Thursday, and then to the MCBR Board for approval next Monday. If they are approved by both Boards, I will get that info out to all of you!

Thank you as well to those who participated in the Budget Meeting last Thursday! I feel the MCBR budget is really good, and a number of you also stated that. As soon as we get final answers on the MLS questions we have, I feel that budget will be good as well.

I also did regular/daily things around the office such as bank deposits, paying bills, answering member questions, reconciling the books, preparing the financials and MLS packet, etc.

Thank you to those who emailed after last week's Update to participate on the Orientation Committee! We are working to get a date set for that and will get the new program up and rolling very soon! We have 7 new Realtors who need to take the orientation, but if any other members would like to take the course again, feel free to let me know!

This week I have several NAR webinars to participate in, the MLS Board meeting and Finance Committee meetings on Thursday, preparing/working on election things, and prepping for the MCBR Board meeting on Monday.

Also, watch for an email from me later this week with instructions on requesting absentee ballots for voting!

Have a safe and healthy week everyone!!