Volume 18 | May 4th, 2020

Monday Update

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all got a change to enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend. We spent so much time outside, I am now sun burnt on my ears and the back of my neck. Oh well. Small price to pay for enjoying the sun and getting some projects done!
Below are the updates that I have for you so far this week. Enjoy!
Remember, if you plan to access the private side of the website, please remember the password is available in the Monday Morning Updates email or is available upon request.

Orientation Committee

Membership! We are in need of a few people to serve on our Orientation Committee! This Committee would be responsible for helping to put on our New Realtor Orientation a few times a year. A new orientation outline was just approved by the board, so I am ready to get going! Interested in participating or want to know more about what would be expected of a committee member? Email me! Veteran and newbie Realtors, as well as Affiliates, are welcome!!

Email Katelyn

Number of Director Spots

It was pointed out to me that I didn't indicate the number of open Board Director spots there are in the upcoming election. There are 2 spots that will be open for Director positions. The bio's have been added to the website, and you can access them by clicking below if you would like to read them again.

View Candidate Bio's

Budget Meeting Reminder!

This is a reminder that the Budget Meeting will be held this Thursday, May 7th, at 10am via GoToMeeting. All members are invited to attend. We will be going over the proposed MCBR and MLS 2020-2021 Budgets. If you would like to attend, please click the button below to email me so I can send you the link.

Email Katelyn

COVID-19 Resource Page

We have created a COVID-19 Resource Page on the MCBR website. You can access it by clicking the button below. There you will find several documents you can use, as well as articles and information we felt would be helpful for you. We will work on keeping that updated with the most recent info!

Check Out The Resource Page

Membership Meeting Feedback

I've heard from a number of members that Membership Meetings are one of the most valued member benefits. While we are not able to meet in person right now, we could potentially meet via GoToMeeting. We could even call it something clever like "Coffee & Connecting". I've created a 2 question survey, linked below, to get some member feedback on the idea. Please take the survey and let me know your thoughts!

Take The 2 Question Survey

Members In Motion

I was informed that in Monday Updates that were done prior to me, there was a section that would inform the membership of when agents moved companies, etc. I will start including that in my updates as well!

This week's Member in Motion is Bob Maloney from Knight Barry! Knight Barry Title is now open here in Manitowoc. They are located on Jay Street. Welcome to Manitowoc Knight Barry! Thanks for being a member!

Katelyn's Corner

This past weekend Ben and I worked on another project on the Funny Farm! We are redoing the area behind our garage. Any guesses on what it will be? (Yes, this is the projected that caused me to get sun burnt!)


What's Up In The Office

Last week I spent a good chunk of time doing more budget work. I worked with Caryn G. to firm up the MCBR budget and with Amy M. to create the MLS budget. The MCBR budget is a good one. I feel very confident about the numbers we came up with. The MLS budget isn't completed yet, but there are a few things we need decided before we can finalize it.These budgets will be presented this week Thursday, via GoToMeeting, so I hope you are able to participate!

Over the next few weeks I am signed up for a number of webinars/virtual meetings. A fair amount of these are the NAR Mid-Year meetings that we were supposed to be attending in Washington D.C. Fortunately they were able to move many of these to a virtual platform. I also continue to participate in AEI seminars and AEC meetings each Friday. (WRA CEO, Mike Theo, sat in on our AEC meeting last Friday, and he shared that the WRA had a happy hour staff meeting! I thought that sounded fun, but then realized I am a staff of one, and it would just be me drinking by myself so..... I have not held a happy hour staff meeting, lol!)

I've continued to study the Self-Assessment that is the first step toward get my RCE designation. I am still learning quite a bit. Much of what I am reading is sparking ideas, so last week I did quite a bit of brainstorming, bouncing ideas off Board members, and creating member surveys for feedback. I feel that I have been mostly reactive to things in this position thus far. I would like to shift to being more proactive, and ensuring that I am doing everything I can to help all of you, the members. If any of you ever have ideas, thoughts, etc. please feel free to email me any time! I am here for you, my job is to help you all as much as I can!

Have a great week everyone!!