Weekly Updates

Hello everyone! I am so sorry this email is later than I normally get it out. I don't know if it's the wind or what, but for the last 2 days I can barely get any internet connection out at my house. (I'm starting to refer to it as the "Centerville Black Hole" lol!) This was the first time I was able to come into the office to get this finished up!

Article From Cellcom

Attached below is an article that was sent to me by one of our Affiliate Members, Cellcom. They provide some helpful "Work From Home" tips! Thank you Cellcom!

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Right Tools, Right Now

As a way to help their members during this crazy time, NAR has created Right Tools, Right Now. I heard about it on Friday during a NAR Zoom conference, and I couldn't wait to share it with all of you! Part of the program includes discounts on online courses and certifications (some are FREE!!), webinars, market reports, and even 2 free months of Telehealth for ALL MEMBERS!! How neat is that?! Make sure you click the link and check it out right away! You don't want to miss out on these awesome opportunities!

Check Out Right Tools, Right Now


Trust Funds in Flex MLS

Recently Flex MLS added a feature called Trust Funds. I myself am still learning about them, but a Broker member sent me this video, and we wanted to share it with all of you. Please watch to learn more about Trust Funds! You can also find this content on the main page of our website!

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Self Care During COVID-19

A topic I feel is important and wanted to touch on is practicing self care during this time. Our whole world has turned upside down, and it is affecting each and every one of us, but all in our own way. I myself enjoy the routine my family had before Safer At Home order, and found it hard to transition to a new way of doing things.

I have included some article links and I hope that you check them out. Please make sure to be practicing self care, not just caring for everyone else!

Also, if there is anything you need help with, please let me know! (Even if it's just that you are cooped up and feeling lonely. I'll have Eli paint a picture and we will mail it to you! :))

6 Daily Questions To Ask Yourself

CDC-Mental Health & Coping

Geisinger Article

Urban Balance Article

Katelyn's Corner

Exciting news from the Funny Farm! Last week Saturday I traded a friend some eggs for this incubator! (I love bartering!) We have 17 eggs in it currently, and they are due to start hatching at the beginning of May! Because this is our first time doing it this way, and because clutches rarely have a 100% hatch rate, all 17 will probably not hatch. We are keeping our fingers crossed, however! I am also hoping that our luck of hatching out only roosters doesn't continue, lol. (That's what happened last year when I let some of the hens hatch eggs.) Keep your fingers crossed for us!

What's Up In The Office

Work for me continues to be busy, busy, busy! Along with keeping up with COVID info from both NAR and WRA, I've been doing a little to help with the upcoming Board election. Watch for an email with bio's on all the candidates soon!

The MLS Board of Directors has created their own MLS Committee, and the Board has identified a number of things for the Committee to get working on right away. All the members seem eager to get to work, so hopefully we can start checking things off of that list soon!

The MLS is still hoping, so that is keeping me busy as well. As a reminder to all, when putting in comps, it would be very helpful for other members if more than one picture was uploaded. Also, don't forget to let me know if you were/were not both the listing and the selling agent on a comp. I can change whichever needs to be changed if needed, especially if it is a non-MLS member. If I don't hear from you and see your name on both parts of a comp listing, you'll probably be hearing from me so I can double check!

I am also staying busy with Zoom meetings. Every Friday I have Zoom's both with the WRA AEC (Association Executive Council) and an educational Zoom by NAR. I find the information that I get from both of these very valuable!

Lastly, I've been staying busy studying up on the Self Study book/exams, which is the first step toward earning my RCE (Realtor Certified Executive) designation. I continue to learn quite a bit about how to run an Association, and find each chapter very interesting. It's taking me some time to get through all 300 and some pages, but that's because I am really trying to make sure I soak in and understand the information. I truly want to be the best AE!