Volume 14 | April 6th, 2020

Monday Update

Hello everyone! I hope that everyone continues to be safe and healthy, and staying home as much as possible! With our current schedules, we have been able to carve out some more time to get things done around the house. (There is always a ton of work here at the Funny Farm!) This past weekend we rearranged our living room and master bedroom, and cleaned out and re-organized our small barn. It is a really nice feeling to get some of this stuff done. I just wish it was closer to planting time. I'm eager to get in the garden and start growing food!! Okay, enough from me....on to the updates! But, honestly
I don't have too much for you guys this week.


New Uploaded Documents

It was pointed out to me that the updated MLS Rules and Regulations and Policy and Procedure that I had asked our website folks to upload were the ones without the highlighting, so it was hard for people to know what the changes were. I have had them upload the ones with the changes highlighted. You can view them by clicking the link below. Remember, the password for the website is available upon request

Read the MLS Docuements

Training with Metro MLS TOMORROW

As a reminder, tomorrow Jared Jamrozy from Metro MLS will be hosting a Zoom training. The link to join is below:
Tuesday, April 7th at 1:00 PM
Join Zoom Meeting by following the instructions in the Weekly Update email.

Please join the meeting by 1:02pm. It will be locked down after that to prevent Zoom bombing.

Katelyn's Corner

In today's photo, I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what kind of chicken the weird fuzzy one is.... 😀 Never a dull moment on the Funny Farm!

Juju climbed out the inside run door when I was cleaning out the coop! LOL I swear, she is just such a diva. She does whatever she wants!

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

What's Up In The Office

Regardless of what is going on in the world, things have remained busy on my end! The MLS has been hopping with activity (way to go guys!), so it takes me a while to go through and check that daily. Overall things are looking pretty accurate, so thank you everyone for following the rules! In the last week or so I have been learning a lot more about the MLS and my capabilities as one of the admins. Jared and Erika from Metro have been really helpful, so I extend a thank you to them!

One good thing that has come out of this COVID - 19 situation is that now every Friday the AE's from around the state meet up on a Zoom and talk. This has been really beneficial to me in getting to know others whom I can lean on for assistance and support. They are a really fun group of people!

And most exciting in my world: last week Friday I started on my list of qualifications for the RCE (Realtor Association Certified Executive) designation. I have to get 350 points in order to become an RCE candidate. The first step is to read a 300+ page document and take tests on each chapter. I am 2 tests in and learning SO MUCH. I am looking forward to the continued learning and doing what I can to become the best AE for MCBR!! (I have also started looking into completing the C2EX designation, which is geared more toward Realtors, but might be helpful to me too. More on that soon!