Hello! Despite the rain, I hope everyone is having a great Monday!
If you click the link to our website below, you can see the most recent approved minutes & more! If you want to access anything on the private side of the site, remember, the password is available in the Monday Update email or upon request

In Person Voting

It was determined at the MCBR Board meeting this morning that we will have in person voting for the 2020-2021 Board of Directors election on Thursday, May 28th from 4-6pm. If you would like to vote in person, please plan to stop by the office at that time. Otherwise, you can request an absentee ballot up until 9:00am on the 28th. (Send an email if you need a ballot request form.) If you have any questions, please send me (Katelyn) an email.

The MCBR Office is located at 1011 South 10th Street, Suite 103, Manitowoc.
You can enter via the door on the east side of the building that faces the courthouse. Follow the signs to the office.

MCBR Payment Page

Thank you to the hard work of Board Member Henry Grant, we now have an online payment option! You can use this to pay invoices, sanctions, dues, etc! Check out the link below. The password to enter is the same as it is for the other private things on the website.

You do not have to have a Paypal account to use this feature! You can check out as a "guest".

If you have any questions on this, send me an email and we will get you an answer! I'm sure a kink or two may have to be worked out, since this is new to us!

Check Out The Payment Page


Golf Outing Survey

Please pause for 30 seconds to take this quick survey from the Golf Outing Committee. Your response is appreciated, and will help us determine what direction to take with the event! Thank you!

Take Survey


Thank you From MPD

I just received this plaque and a letter in the mail from the Manitowoc Police Department thanking the MCBR for the $500 donation to the K9 program!

The K9 program was one of the causes that received a donation from the Golf Outing proceeds for the month of April. While we wish we could have presented the check to them in person, it's nice to know how much they appreciated the donation! I can't wait to hang these handsome boys on the wall here in the office!

Dogs pictured are MPD K9 Officers Major and Niko. 🙂


Members in Motion

There were no Members in Motion reported to the MCBR Office this week.


Katelyn's Corner

Today's photo is of Finnigan (Aka Finny, aka, FinFin, aka Finnigan McDougalpants....who else has a million nicknames for their animals?! LOL) One evening last week Eli and I were drawing with chalk, and Finny had to come get in on it, literally, as you can see by her pink paws!
She was such a rough and tumble kitten, and still has spunk/attitude, but she is also the sweetest and loves getting love. <3


Dumb Joke of The Day!!

I said a while back that I wanted to add more humor to the MCBR, so if there is room in my Katelyn's Corner, I'm going to start having a Dumb Joke of the Day! I love stupid humor, and hope you crack a smile too!

Do you have a good dumb joke? Email it to me and it just might end up in a Monday Update!!

A every smile makes the day a little brighter!

What's Up In The Office

Last week was filled with meetings! This included the MLS Board meeting and Finance Committee meeting, both of which went well! We had budget discussions in both of those, so they were a little more involved than normal. I also had several more NAR virtual Legislative meetings to attend, which were very interesting and helpful!

As you can imagine, I've been spending a fair amount of time on election things, as this is my first year learning MCBR's procedures for voting, etc. There are also a number of changes/procedures the Nomination Committee had to work through due to COVID.

This week I have a bunch of meeting minutes to type up, many Action Items that I need to work on that came out of the two Board Meetings, and more to do for the elections. (Thank you to all of you who are sending absentee ballot requests in. I am working on getting those out as soon as I can after the requests come in!)

Both the MCBR and the MLS 2020-2021 Budgets were approved this morning at the MCBR Board meeting! I'm happy to have those done, and feel they are both good budgets! As I do now, I will continue to monitor the budget vs. actual's month to month to keep things in line.

I want to be straight with you all and let you know that while the Safer at Home order was lifted, my life is far from "back to normal." My husband's work is eager to have him back 5 days a week, however our options for child care for Eli are still quite limited. We are trying to work out a new schedule that can accommodate everything, so it's looking like my new office hours may be 1:30pm-6:30pm Monday - Friday. I will still be doing a little work from home in the mornings those days, but my primary work hours will be what is outline above. Calls that come before 1:30pm may not be returned until after 1:30pm or until the next day. Still keep reaching out to me if you do not hear back from me within 24 hours on a topic. Text and email will continue to get a faster response than a call. I realize this is not ideal, and can not wait to be back on a normal schedule, but I appreciate everyone's understanding while I try to navigate work and family life in this far from "normal" world!