Weekly Update – March 30

Volume 13 | March 30th, 2020

Monday Update

Hello everyone! There is a LOT packed in to this week's update, so please read carefully! If you have any questions, of course feel free to shoot me an email or text. As a reminder, when I'm working from home, phone calls are much harder for me to answer, and I don't always remember to keep the board phone close. (I'm still trying to work on that!)

Please Join Us!

On Thursday, April 2nd at 9:00am the MCBR will be hosting what I am calling a Member Connect, titled Updates on Changes in Local Lending, Title, Appraisal, and Inspection Businesses Due To Covid-19.

This is a virtual meeting where several of our members in the above mentioned businesses will be giving updates on changes to their business operations/hours, digital/online options they have, things to know to avoid delays, etc.

We are hosting this through GoToMeeting.com in an effort to keep all of our members on the same page so that business can continue to run smoothly, despite COVID-19. By coming together and keeping everyone informed, we can survive this pandemic and come out on the other side a stronger organization!

I encourage all members (especially Realtors) who are available to attend this online meeting to do so!

If you are interested in participating, please email me, and I will send you the link to join the meeting.

Credit Where Credit Is Due:
Thank you to Leann Swartz of US Bank for bringing me the idea from another group!

Email Katelyn

RESCHEDULED: Metro Training

The Metro Training with Jared Jamrozy that was supposed to happen tomorrow has been rescheduled to Tuesday, April 7th at 1pm. This training will be happening via Zoom. If you would like to get in on this training, please email me so I can send you the link from Jared to join.

As a reminder: Jared will cover Clear Cooperation, Delayed Changes, upcoming Monsoon Software, and do a tutorial on Quick Search.

Email Katelyn

Membership Meetings

On Friday, the MCBR Board of Directors decided to cancel all membership meetings through the end of June. As sad as that is, we feel it's the best given the current situation.

The May elections for the MCBR Board of Directors will most likely be happening via mail in ballot. We will give you more information on this soon.

Affiliate Night was also supposed to happen in May. That is currently being postponed. More information will be available on this at a later date. Affiliates, if you have questions, please forward them to Affiliate Director, Sarah Crabb at scrabb@amfam.com

Metro Webinars

Metro MLS has created a ton of webinars in what they are calling their "Safe At Home Study Hall Video" series.
They start on April 2nd.
Check out the link below to see what is being offered. (Trust me, there is a lot!!) Never hurts to brush up on your MLS skills!

Metro's Webinars

AE Attended Webinar -Takeaways

On Thursday afternoon I participated in a webinar hosted by NAR called 'Best Practices for Strengthening the Staff and Volunteer Relationship'. I really enjoyed the 8 panelists and got a lot out of the hour session.

The panelists stressed the importance of communicating often and early with the Board of Directors, touched on what they called "roles and goals", and how it's important for the AE and Board members (especially the President) to get to know each other on a personal level. (I've already been trying to share a lot about me with the entire membership, so that you all feel like you know me on a personal level. That will continue!)

One big take away for me was how others have created a "culture of laughter". I'm going to be working harder to create that culture within the MCBR!

Important Reminder!

Regarding the newest Offer to Purchase and Closing date: The offer no longer says "on or before" in the closing date field. So, if a property closes before the closing date stated on the offer, the lender may request/might require an amendment be completed stating the new closing date.


Clear Cooperation

As of Friday, March 27th, NAR's mandatory changes to the Rules & Regulations and Policy & Procedure went info effect for MCBR. This change included 8.0 Clear Cooperation. Clear Cooperation will now be enforced. To read the new documents, click the link below. If you need the password feel free to contact the MCBR office.



Two more agents have applied to be members of the MCBR! They are:

Kim Gruszynski (Berkshire)
Jerry Duvall (Weichert)

If anyone has any objections to either of these people joining, please submit your reasons in writing to the Membership Chair, Judy Stuebs at judy.stuebs18@gmail.com.


A Gift from the MCBR Board

Because of the COVID -19 pandemic, the MCBR is not able to host our membership meetings, as you read above. Also, many of the training and conferences that were scheduled for myself and Board members have been canceled. Due to this, the MCBR is realizing an amount of unspent funds in the budget.

Instead of sitting on that money, the Board decided they wanted to do something for the members that would be financially helpful at this time. At the meeting Friday, a motion was made and passed that stated the MCBR Board of Directors will gift the 2nd quarter MLS dues to the MLS for all current members.

I realized that I already sent out many of the MLS invoices for 2nd quarter last week. If Brokers have sent in checks, the checks will be returned to them. I will correct and resend all invoices with just lock box fees on them. If you have any questions, let me know!

Katelyn's Corner

In the PS4 vs XBOX world, I am WII all the way! Eli loves WII too! It's one of our families go to activities when we have friends over.
Last week one day when it was not so nice outside, Eli and I took our "recess" break to play WII 100 pin bowling. The darn kid started off with a strike and then won the game, by a fair amount!

If you look at the TV closely, you can see that he changed his outfit so he would match his character! He even has blue shoes on! LOL

Shoot me an email and tell me what your go-to rainy day family activity is! I am starting to run out of ideas, and the weather isn't cooperating much for our daily activity time!
What's Up in the (Home) Office
First off, how is everyone doing? Hanging in there I hope?? I know I have good days, and then days that are more of a struggle. But I know when we all get through this we will be stronger and have learned a lot!

Last week I was able to do a fair amount of work from home Monday through Wednesday. I was in the office on Thursday and Friday, and got even more done then! (Friday I worked 10 hours!) This will be my schedule until further notice. M-W work from home, and Thursday's and Friday's in the office all day.

The MCBR Board meeting on Friday was long, but productive, as you can see from many of the messages above. At that Board meeting, my new New Realtor Orientation outline was approved. We have 7 new Realtors needing orientation, so as soon as we can meet in groups again, I will get something scheduled. I am excited to roll out this new format, and hope to provide much more value to our members!

I've been surprised at how much has been going on in the MLS. By just looking at that, you would never know a pandemic was going on in the world! LOL! Things have been looking good lately as far as not many sanctionable events, so way to go everyone! The 2 reminders that I would have is to make sure your address format is correct, and agents, REMEMBER to sign your contracts! I've run across several unsigned contracts lately, and while that is not a sanctionable thing, it is leaving you and your brokerage open to liability. I'd hate to see that come back and cause problems for a member!

I hope you are all able to stay safe and healthy. Watch for more emails from me this week. I know one from me on behalf of the MLS Board re: showings/open houses during COVID -19 for sure. Take care!