Weekly Update – March 23

Monday Update Volume 12, March 23, 2020


Happy Monday! I hope everyone is hanging in there and staying healthy. Last week, the first week of the adjustment, was not easy for me! Eli had a very hard time adjusting to not physically going to school. While we do educational/learning things all the time, he wasn't a fan of the idea of having to do school work at home. This week I feel like I have a little more of a handle on it! That also means I can actually get the Monday Update out on time!

Password: Available by calling MCBR Board Office

In Need of A Laugh??

In an effort to brighten moods on this cloudy day, I thought we'd start this update out with a joke! I know it's corny, but I hope it at least got you to smile a bit!

"I robbed a shop last night!"  --"What did you get?"  -- "11 pictures! The cheapest one is worth $180,000!"  --Dude, those are from a real estate agents shop!"

MLS Reminder: Addresses

I've noticed lately that there are a lot of address mistakes in the MLS. While I do correct them when I see them, I wanted to remind everyone what the instructions are for addresses from the MLS Policy & Procedure Manual. It reads as follows:

Address - Use normal spacing when entering an address - no punctuation is necessary. Street names should be entered completely as they appear in the Tax Information Records. The following street tags should be used. Failure to enter street tags may result in listings not mapping correctly on the flexMLS system or appear correctly in the History records.

Avenue Ave                 Court Ct                       Parkway Pkwy                          Street St
Boulevard Blvd                  Drive Dr                  Place Pl                                   Terrace Terr
Circle Cir                          Lane Ln                   Road Rd                                    Trail Trl

Enter the street name as it appears in the Tax Information Records. Highways with an alpha character (Cty Hwy B) should be entered as County Road B if that is how it appears in the Tax records. Highways with a numeric character (Hwy 12) should be entered as State Highway 12 or US Highway 12.

Street names that begin with “Saint” should be entered as St James. There should be a space between the “St” and the word James. No punctuation necessary.

If the property address contains both a N/S and E/W in the address enter as follows: N12W34467 MAIN ST.

Following these instructions will help make searches easier for other Realtors, and make life easier for everyone! Thanks in advance!

RETI Webinar of the Week

I'm not sure if you all receive these RETI emails or not, but I thought I'd share a link from the one I received today. This webinar will be on Wednesday, and the topic will be: Creative Tech Tips to Engage with Customers. I thought this might be helpful as many are having to get creative with reaching out to customers.

If you don't already have a log in, you will have to sign up. Then register for the webinar.

Sign Up & Register Here

Nominating Committee & Board Positions

If you are interested in serving on the Nominating Committee or as a member of the MCBR Board of Directors, please email me! This is a great way to get involved and help the organization succeed!

Please email me by Friday at 8:00am if you'd like to be involved!

Budget Request Forms

Committee Chairs: Please return your budget request forms to Katelyn ASAP! Thank you!

Katelyn's Corner

Today Eli and I spent time painting. This was an activity we did together this morning.  In college, I also did a studio art minor. Art and being creative is very important to me and I encourage it with Eli all the time! Who else loves to paint??

What's Up in the (Home) Office

As I stated above, last week was difficult trying to get adjusted to my and Eli's new daily schedule. Because he doesn't have school, and because we have no one else to care for him, I have to spend my days at home. We've created a schedule so that I can get work hours in as well, but it still is a change.

We worked out with my husband's employer that he could work 3, 12 hour days during this pandemic, leaving Thursday's and Friday's free for me to be in the office. However, with Governor Ever's announcement today that non-essential businesses must close, I may just be going in on Friday's (when I also pick up my grocery order and prescriptions). If there are any concerns of me not getting my hours in due to being home, please know that I am tracking what I am doing and how much time I am putting in, and will be sharing that with the Board weekly.

This week I plan to type up some meeting minutes that I have gotten behind on. I also continue to monitor the MLS, work on updating records, do some billing, etc. We will be having the MCBR Board meeting via GoToMeeting on Friday.

If there is anything I can do for anyone, please don't hesitate to let me know! Even if you just need someone to talk to if you're going stir crazy during quarantine! We are all in this together! We must lean on each other for support!

The best way to reach me continues to be via email. Phone is harder when I am at home, as I typically don't keep my phones on me when I'm here. I'm trying to get better about that!

Have a safe week! If we all follow the rules, hopefully this will end faster and we can all get back to our daily life!

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