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Weekly Update 09/24/2018

Continuing Education DVD Sessions

We are offering  CE DVD sessions held at the board office this October.  We will be offering Courses 1-4 and two electives on DVD and then take the exam all here at the board office.  Each session will be $15.00.  The dates are:  October 2nd, 9th and 23rdClick to see the registration sheet for complete details.

If a licensee earned their license between 01/01/2017 – 10/1/18, they must complete 17/18 CE, regardless of whether the licensee is licensed to a firm/broker or not licensed to a firm/broker.

If someone earns their license 10/2/18 – 12/31/18, they are not required to complete 17/18 CE.


Metro MLS Update

  1. Metro MLS phone lines are currently down due to a major fiber cut in their area. Please email them for your technical support, data integrity/admin and WIREdata support issues. Will let you know when the phone lines are back up.
  2. Secondly, metromls.com and tax information will be unavailable Wednesday afternoon again roughly 2 PM until 5 PM as they finish up some server issues. They apologize for the inconvenience but have to finish this task up and has been much more involved than they expected due to some very old infrastructure in the building and lack of recovery of some server systems.


Appraiser Question Request

 Our October meeting is going to feature an appraiser panel.  If you have a question that you would like included during this Q & A, please send to Peggy Kadow peggy.kadow@gmail.com or Diane Wallander mcbrealtors@gmail.com.


Website Committee

The website committee is looking for new members to assist with maintaining and making updates to the website.  We will train on how to make updates.  If you are interested, please let Diane know at 973-7748 or mcbrealtors@gmail.com.


October Membership Meeting

Join us for a Q & A with our Appraiser panel.

WHEN:  Thursday, October 18, 2018

WHERE:  Harrigan Parkside Gathering Center, 620 N Water St, Manitowoc (additional parking next door at 612 N Water St, Harrigan Parkside Chapel)

TIME:  11:30 am, Lunch

COST:  $20.00 per person

Please RSVP by Thursday, October 11th at Noon.  Cancellations without 24 hour notice will be invoiced and attending without an RSVP to Diane you will be invoiced a $5.00 fee to have more food prepared.


Master Lock Notes from August 16th Meeting

Thank you to those who were able to stop in, email or call with questions.  We were able to answer questions and have a better understanding of the system.

  • It has been brought up that the door of the key compartment will sometimes lock and the door won’t shut until the code is reentered or the unlock door button has been pressed on the app.  If you start to close the door and the prongs come in contact with the box, but then you don’t close it completely, the box will think it’s locked.  The same thing can happen with the shackle.  If you put the shackle on, but don’t wait to hear it engage and pull the shackle out right away, it will think that the shackle has been put on.
  • Going forward, we will send out an email to let everyone know that an update has been pushed out.  Your phone will update based on how you have your phone set to update within the Settings on your phone.
  • Some members have been asking about having to sign in to the site on their phone each time.  This is based on how you have your internet browser on your phone or computer set up.  It is not based on the Master Lock app or website.
  • Before you head out to an appointment.  Make sure you have refreshed your keys within the app while you are in a place with good internet reception.  This will only take a couple minutes (remember, there are over 600 keys currently) and then the keys are good for seven days.  If you do this once you get to a showing, it might take longer due to connections.
  • At the top of your app there are two buttons, Authorized|Awake, if you go to the awake side, push any button on the box, you will immediately see it instead of having to search or scroll on the authorized side.
  • When calling tech support, please identify yourself as being with Manitowoc County Board of Realtors.  Tech support’s number is 1-866-760-1936 it is also below in the Weekly Update email.


MCBR Features & Benefits

A committee is being formed to discuss and promote the features and benefits of being a MCBR member.  If you are interested, please let Diane know at 973-7748 or mcbrealtors@gmail.com.


Master Lock Tech Support

The Tech Support number for Master Lock is 1-866-760-1936.  Please identify yourself as a member of the Manitowoc County Board of Realtors.

Our account name is MCBRealtors

Website to be using https://beta.masterlockvault.com/MCBRealtors/Account/Login/


Facebook page and Website

Have you joined the MCBR Facebook page?  This closed group is open to all members and affiliates.  Send us a request so we can add you to our page!


See posts from the Board, other members, photos and register for upcoming events!

Check out our newly revised website!  https://mcbrealtors.org/


Member Birthdays

  • 9/4     Lori Hagenow
  • 9/4     Kyra Behringer
  • 9/8     Rosemary Mathies
  • 9/9     Nicole Turk
  • 9/12   Tracy Becker
  • 9/12   Gabrielle Becker
  • 9/16   Daniel Wergin
  • 9/17   Shelly Propson
  • 9/18   Kevin Ramminger
  • 9/21   Lori Koschnick
  • 9/26   Victoria Neelis
  • 9/26   Jill Pope
  • 9/26   Lisa Van Lanen
  • 9/29   Jessie Bohm


Member Updates

  • Teresa Brendemuehl is with 1st Anderson Real Estate


Upcoming Events 2018

October 2nd – CE courses 1 & 2 on DVD, 8:30 am, Board Office

October 5th – Board Office Closed, AE’s personal day

October 9th – CE courses 3 & 4 on DVD, 8:30 am, Board Office

October 23rd  – CE courses C & D on DVD, 8:30 am, Board Office

October 15th – Board of Directors Meeting, 8:30 am, Board Office

October 18th – Membership Meeting, 11:30 am, Harrigan Parkside Gathering Center

October 23rd  – CE courses C & D on DVD, 8:30 am, Board Office

November 2nd – 5th – REALTORS® Conference & Expo Boston, MA

November 12th – Board of Directors Meeting, 8:30 am, Board Office

November 15th – Membership Meeting, Details to be announced