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Weekly Update 01/20/2020

Volume 3 | January 20th, 2020

Monday Update

Hello! I know, it's not a Monday, again! Very sorry this is a day late. I've been VERY busy in the office, plus I now have a sick pup! 🙁
I hope everyone else's week is starting off well! Here are this week's updates:

Click here to See previous minutes & agendas

remember private website password is: mcbr2018
Visit our Website 24/7

MLS & Lock Box Fees Due !!!
Don't forget, MLS and Lockbox fees are due this Thursday! If you haven't already paid, please do so ASAP!

Remember to make these checks out to:

We can not accept credit card payments at this time.

Click here to Email Katelyn My Lunch Choice

Click here to Register for Classes

Continuing Ed 3&4 Location Change
Did you see the email that went out on the 14th, notifying everyone of the location change for Continuing Education 3 & 4?

As a reminder: the classes will now be held at
Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center on February 25th.

Don't forget to email Katelyn with your sandwich choice!
Chicken Caesar Wrap, Roast Beef & Cheddar on Sourdough, or Ham, Turkey, Bacon & Cheddar on Wheat berry Bread.

Core Standards Q & A
Q: What are Core Standards?

A: Core Standards are standards that every association is required to meet by NAR. It includes things like Ethics, Advocacy, Consumer Outreach, and Financial Solvency. It is a 7 page, 61 item document that has to be completed every year, so it is no small task!

Q: How can I help complete Core Standards?

A: Get involved! Your participation in things like Realtor In Government Day, Realtor Ring Day, and attending membership meetings will help us meet Core Standards requirements!

Q: Where is MCBR at with 2020 Core Standards?

A: We already have 5 things checked off, and it's not even the end of January! That doesn't mean it's not important to get involved and help with the rest though!

Q: Where do I go if I want to learn more about Core Standards and why they are important?

A: You can visit the NAR website's link below, or stop in the Board Office and talk to Katelyn. She will be happy to explain more!

Click here to go to the NAR Website

Realtor In Government Day

Thank you to the 4 people who have signed up to participate in Realtor In Government Day on February 5th!

We would love to have more participation, so please click the link to register today and join us on this fun and important visit to Madison!

So far a meeting has been arranged with Senator LeMahieu. More meeting can not be set up until more interest is shown by our membership, so please join us!

*If there is enough participation, MCBR will rent a bus to transport everyone down to Madison.

Click here to Register

February 5th - Realtor in Government Day
* Sign up above!

February 20th - Monthly Membership Meeting
* Pizza Garden - 11:30am - More details soon!

February 25th - Continuing Ed 3&4
* Now being held at Farm Wisconsin
* Register above!

Watch the private Facebook page for something new the Membership Committee is trying in 2020:

Pop Up Happy Hours!

Click here to Check Out The Facebook Group

Commercial Listings in MLS
MCBR will now be policing commercial listings entered into MLS. Commercial listings are not required to be entered into MLS, but if you chose to do so, you must follow the same rules as regular listings. (Per Metro MLS) If you do not follow the rules, you will be sanctioned.

If you have any questions, please:  Email Katelyn

Katelyn's Corner

Titan, our new pup from HSSC. He's 10 months old, and super cute! As you can see, he didn't want me working from home the other day, and put his face on my book!
What's Up In The Office
Hello everyone! I hope you had a fantastic weekend! Mine was BUSY! And now my puppy is sick. We just adopted him recently from the Sheboygan Humane Society. Poor guy has been through a lot lately! He may be getting a little spoiled now that he is with us........ 😉

On Friday I participated in an RPAC webinar put on by Joe Murray at WRA. I learned some helpful information, and also found out that WRA sets goals for each of the local boards for RPAC contributions. Our goal for 2020 is $4,000! Expect to hear more about RPAC from RPAC Committee Chair, Travis Stevens, and I soon!

I know I said this once before, but please make sure you are making your check out to the right entity. Always check your invoices to see if it's from MCBR or MLS!

Just a reminder that I will be in Madison on Thursday for the AEC meeting at WRA. I won't be answering emails or phone calls that day.

Have a FABULOUS week!!

SOLD is my favorite 4 letter word
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