Weekly Update 03/22/2021

Weekly Update


Hello and happy Monday everyone! As always, I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend! It was so nice to see the sun, but out by my house the darn wind was acting up the whole time. Guess that's the downside of living in the middle of open farm land! We had a productive weekend. My favorite thing that came out of it was my new blackberry garden! I love the supports we built for it, and am happy that they are now in full sun! Next we will make the raspberry gardens and move my plants to those, and next year we will start blueberries. Let the fruiting begin, lol! (As if I'm not fruity enough!)

As I tell you every week, check the website for updates and info. If you need to see anything on the private side, the password is available in the email version of the Weekly Update or by calling the board office.

And if you have anything you would like to see added to the website, feel free to send me a message!


April Membership Meeting

Where: Courthouse Pub
When: April 15th, 2021
Time: 8:00am
Cost: $20 per person, billed to the company after the event
Food: Breakfast buffet
Speaker/Topic: TBD



President's Message from Amy MacMillin

Happy Spring, I hope we are all going to be very busy this spring (and not all putting offers in on the same homes; but listing and selling lots of homes). The board has been busy, we updated new membership forms, made some changes to the bylaws to better streamline the membership application; and came up with a step by step process sheet for the DR's for processing new agents; this was done to make the whole process more uniform and easier for DR's to properly add the agents. We voted on renewing our contract with Metro MLS; after the committee did some vetting into other MLS's; I think we all agree we really didn't want to switch to another MLS vendor; but it was good for the committee to check out the competition. We have continued going forward with "in person" membership meetings; while still offering meetings virtually; with great success: our March meeting had over 50 in attendance. Our next general meeting will be April 15th; a breakfast meeting at Courthouse Pub; watch your updates for more info on that. We did vote to waive the 2nd quarter MLS and Tech dues; this was done because we saved money because of COVID (no travel expenses and no meeting costs for Oct, Nov and Dec). We had a discussion on delayed listings and I would welcome any input from any of the members on delayed listings (love or hate them); we are hoping to have a survey out prior to our next meeting. We called for volunteers to help with Grow it Forward; to hand out box lunches; this will happen this afternoon; and I want to thank those that signed up to help. Finally, the nominating committee has been busy calling agents to ask them to run for a board position; if anyone has any questions as to what a position entails; feel free to contact me. I hope we have a lot of people offering to run. If you are unable to run, the next best way to get involved is to get on a committee; we still could use some people for the Website, Golf and Revitalization committee. I look forward to meeting with my fellow DR's at our DR meeting next week. Have a good month. Amy


Volunteer Information

At Thursday's meeting, Cindy Richard from the ADRC came and talked about how she is in need for volunteers for the Meals on Wheels program. One of our members, Julie Peot from UnitedOne Credit Union shared that she and 3 others from UO take turns delivering meals on Tuesdays. It takes them about an hour to deliver to 18 residents. Cindy and Julie both shared that it is a very rewarding experience, and that sometimes the contact with the drivers is the only human contact some of these people have all day. If you are interested in volunteering some time, please contact Cindy at the info provided.
And don't forget! If you volunteer, please submit your hours to the Volunteer Program!

Cindy Richard
Meal Site Manager

Serving Kewaunee & Manitowoc Counties
Manitowoc Phone: 920-683-4180
Phone: 1-877-416-7083
Fax: 920-683-2718
Email: cindyrichard@co.manitowoc.wi.us


Above are some masks Peggy sewed!

I know there are many of you out there who are volunteering and not reporting your hours. If you don't want to be entered into the drawing or have your name advertised, I completely understand. But please still submit your hours to me! I'll be submitting them to NAR at the end of the year, as well as using them for us. These will be powerful numbers to use in marketing as well.
Last Month's Volunteers
Between the February and March Membership Meetings, 3 members submitted their hours for the Good Neighbor Awards program! Peggy Kadow sewed more masks for the Reedsville School District Kindergartners, and Amy MacMillin and Donna Parker served Sunday Supper at a Two Rivers church. I entered all of their names into a bowl, and had the new MCHBA director pick one for me. The winner for the $25 gift card this month is: Donna Parker!

Donna, stop in the office to pick a $25 gift card!
Thank you to all who volunteer and make our community great!
(Affiliates are too!)

Katelyn's Corner


What's Up In The Office

As a reminder, this week I am participating in the virtual Association Executive's Institute hosted by NAR from 10am to 2pm Monday - Wednesday. I will not be answering the phone or emails during those times, as I am in sessions almost the entire 4 hours. Today's sessions and speakers were awesome! NAR always does a great job putting these together.

Both my long term and short term To Do lists are quite long with lots of projects and tasks coming up. April is Fair Housing month, so there are a few things we are doing for that (watch for Facebook posts!). It is also budget season, and nominations season. Let's just say there is never a shortage of things to do!

Have a WONDERFUL week!