Happy November, it's amazing how time is flying by; and soon the snow will be flying too. As your new president, I wanted to reach out to you to let you know what's going on behind the scenes since we aren't having any general membership meetings. We still are meeting as a Board of Directors; both in person and via the internet. Our first order of business with a new board is going over the policy & procedure manual, by laws, rules and regulations, budget and strategic plans, and assigning chairs to our committees. It's a lot of dry reading, but I must admit, each time I read over something I learn something new. I'm excited by the response I received from members when asked to either chair or join a committee; and I'd like people to know there still is room on several committees; so if any of the following committees intrigue you; please contact me if you want more information about what that committee does; or if you just want to join the committee. Remember, this is your board and the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

I know most of you are crazy busy with Real Estate, and it's been a wild ride this past summer with multiple offers on properties; with winter coming and more sellers holding off on listing during the snowy months; I don't see the frenzy slowing up. I do hope you all take time to spend with your families during the holidays and reflect on how fortunate we are to be in such an exciting industry. Here are the committees that we are forming at this time, again if you have any interest in joining one; please reach out to me. Thank you in advance. The definition of each committee is in your MCBR Policy & Procedure Manual.

Public Relations
Community Revitalization
Professional Standards
Personnel Committee
Social Committee
Fair Housing

Have a blessed Thanksgiving,

Amy MacMillin, President
Manitowoc County Board of Realtors