MCBR Presidents Message – February 16, 2021

A Message From The President: Amy MacMillin


Happy February, I hope you all had a lot of love on Sunday (Valentine's Day);
Hopefully the weather starts warming up and we get seller's wanting to list lots of homes. I do have a theory; when the vaccination becomes more readily available; I feel we may get more people wanting to sell. I personally know a lot of people my age who have aging parents, and we are waiting to get them vaccinated until we allow them to move into assisted living, apartments, nursing homes etc. When that time does come, some of those homes will be ready to list. I also have heard from some people who wanted to wait until it's a bit safer before allowing buyers in their home. Time will tell.

Anyway, what has your board and your president been doing with their time this past month? You have such dedicated directors and executives who gave a lot of their time: revising the membership application, creating an AE handbook and fine tuning the AE's responsibilities (and therefore, the Broker's responsibilities), renewing our contract with Metro, scheduling membership meetings and getting speakers (during COVID), we all attended Professional Standards (a gruelling day long zoom affair), participating in financial review meetings, and keeping up with fair housing issues. These are just the activities I can think of off the top of my head. I am proud of this board and the agents that joined committees to make your membership of value to you.

We are still looking for some techie creative people to join the website committee; if you are that person, please contact Henry Grant or Katlyn. We also need some folks to join Travis Stevens on the golf committee.

Finally, a gentle reminder that according to the MCBR Strategic Plan under Member Services it reads: encourage Realtor members to use Affiliate Members in their work. When possible please do so. . Along that line, I'd like to pass on a request from a home inspector; since the home inspectors do not have access to the MLS; they would appreciate it when they call to set up the inspection that the agent also sent them a fact sheet from the MLS; this will help them out. Thank you.

Stay warm and safe and be prepared for a busy spring. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me; even if it's just to vent; in the words of the great Dr. Fraiser Crane: I'm listening.