MCBR Membership Requirements

Steps to becoming a new member in the Manitowoc County Board of Realtors

New Member Application Process & Requirements
1. New agent obtains Real Estate license

2. New agent chooses which company they would like to be affiliated with

3. New agent fills out application and turns it into the AE with all fees & copy of their license

  • a. Application: content/uploads/2020/03/MCBR-Membership-Application-3-18-20195075.pdf
  • b. Dues fee charts: See back and on website (
  • c. Write out 2 checks:
    i. Please make one check for the membership dues payable to MCBR
    ii. Please make one check for MLS fees payable to MCBR MLS
  • d. At this time, new agent becomes a Provisional member. This means that they are a Realtor, subject to finishing the New Member Code of Ethics Training within 14 days of date of receipt of application and dues/fees payment. New agents should also complete the MCBR New Realtor Orientation within 2 consecutive classes of the date of receipt of the application and dues/fees payment.
  • e. The AE will enter all of the new agent’s information into the various databases, etc. within 1 business day of receiving both payment and application. After everything is entered, AE will send an email to the new agent with the next steps. New agents should also watch for an email from Metro MLS to set up their MLS access.

4. New agent’s name is presented to the Board of Directors at their next monthly Board meeting by the Membership Committee chair.

5. New agent’s name is printed in the Weekly Update email for comments or objections. Comments or objections should be sent to the Membership Committee chair and/or AE.

6. Upon completion of all items listed above, the Board of Directors reviews the name of the Provisional member ready for installation and votes qualifying member into full Realtor membership at the next Board of Directors meeting.

7. New Realtor member must attend installation at one of the next 2 MCBR Membership Meetings following orientation, where member will take the Realtor oath and receive their Realtor pin. If member does not attend installation within two consecutive meetings, member will need to retake Orientation.