MCBR Membership Requirements

Steps to becoming a new member in the Manitowoc County Board of Realtors

1.) Fill out an application and give to the AE along with fees. At this time the applicant becomes a Provisional Member

2.) Copy of application given to Director of Membership Committee.

3.) Application reviewed by Membership Committee.

4.) Application reviewed by Board of Directors

5.) Name of applicant is printed in weekly updates. If anyone objects to an applicant applying he/she to let the Director of Membership know in writing along with reason objecting.

6.) Applicant to take NAR's Code of Ethics Training.

7.) Applicant to take New Member Orientation class. Applicant will have (2)two consecutive to attend the orientation program or a reapplication fee will be assessed in order to maintain Provisional membership.

7.) Board of Directors will review and vote on applicant(s)/provisional member(s) who's next step is to be inducted into the MCBR as a Realtor. Final membership status is then approved.

8.) Board of Directors will review list of applicants who are ready for induction as Realtor members and vote them into membership.

9.) Induction ceremony at a monthly membership meeting. Must happen within 2 consecutive membership meetings after orientation has occurred or a reapplication fee will have to be paid.